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It is always nice to have an email address that enhances your business branding. One of the basic online steps towards this goal is to have an email address @yourdomain; but when you are using Shopify platform for your online store this may not be possible directly from the Shopify admin area as they do not provide email hosting service and only provides the email forwarding setup(which may not appear as professional for your customers when your store is using a common email service to communicate).

A business email hosting service from a reliable third party provider such as Google or Zoho is recommended when you encounter this problem. The Zoho email hosting offers a FOREVER FREE PLAN up to 5 email accounts with webmail only access(Paid plans allow email client software access too) – “Up to five users, 5GB/User, 25MB attachment limit, Web access only, Email hosting for single domain”- It seems to be sufficient for a Shopify store startup and you will be able to easily upgrade to their paid plans( which is much cheaper when compared to other business email hosting services) as and when your Shopify store email address usage increases.

Once the Zoho account is created and the required email addresses are created in the admin area of the Zoho.  The next step is to point your domain name to the Zoho mail server by changing the MX record of the domain.  

The following helpful URLs are from the Zoho resources section, these steps will guide you to change the MX records at different domain registration providers’ nameservers. Once the MX records are changed, please allow a few hours to propagate the DNS changes globally.

If your domain is hosted with Shopify DNS Manager, the steps provided in the following URL can be used to point the MX records to Zoho and the mail service for the domain will be functioning using the Zoho mail server.

If the domain is registered through GoDaddy and using Godaddy DNS manager then the following steps can be used to change the MX record to point to the Zoho mail servers

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