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Amazon Product Listing Hijacking!

It’s like someone else is getting the benefits of your hard work.  

Yes, there are steps to avoid this problem that appears only when a seller’s carefully selected list starts to attract sales and positive reviews from the customers.  These steps need to be executed on a regular basis in the Amazon seller central.  

Normally the hijackers are here to make quick money by taking control of your listing and selling counterfeits of your products or may be similar products.  This causes the next adverse impact on your Amazon business since the customers who bought hijackers counterfeit products are definitely going to write negative feedbacks when they realize the substandard product quality, thus making a long-lasting negative impact on your Amazon store. 

To avoid this and to protect your listing You may need to take the following steps on a regular basis.  Please note that you will need to continuously monitor the lists to avoid the hijacking attempts or to take control of your lists once it’s hijacked by someone.

1.  Register your brand(in case you sell products designed/manufactured in your company), it helps to protect the brand and you will have complete control of the product listings. Make sure the brand name is clear and highlighted in the product photos added in the lists, this will avert a probable hijacker from eying your list.

2. Monitor your lists very closely to make sure no one else is selling your white label product, you will need to monitor this in a customer’s point of view too.  This will help to pre-empt the problem before it decreases the revenue from the store.

3. Selling a unique set of products is a good method to avoid list hijacking.  Easily procurable goods from common sources help the hijackers to identify the source, copy and sell the exact items easily, so it is not recommended to proceed with it.  Combining a set of products and creating your own bundle of a unique product can also deter the prying eyes of list hijackers. This is a proven anti amazon list hijacking measure.

4. Directly contact the seller who has hijacked the list and ask them to remove the listing using their profile link.  If they do not respond positively or ignore your message, then you may contact Amazon directly.

5. Register a complaint with Amazon using the link  Before filing the complaint you will need to collect all the proof of list hijacking and product counterfeiting through photographs and actual communication with the seller by purchasing the item from a friend’s or relative’s account.

6. Building your own e-commerce website to sell your products is a long term solution to avoid the daily fights with the list hijackers in other market places.

7. Do the above steps continuously(monitoring steps, pre-emptive steps continuously and take the immediate remedial action whenever list hijacking is identified).

All the best, Happy Selling!  


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